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The series of ‘My Adventure in’ combines inventive ideas with a strong sense of style and design. From fun facts to history, attraction highlights, pictures, colourful illustrations, maps and activities, our books have it all. But what really makes these guidebooks special is the collecting feature: children can collect mementos from the various attractions they visit and stick them in the books, creating their unique treasured souvenirs that will truly last a lifetime.

This series is all about enjoying every happy moment "just one more time"

Name: Leo the Explorer
Date of birth: 8th of August
Height: 180cm (5ft 11in)
Weight: 84kg (13st 4lbs)
Best friend: Invisible Jack, who lives in my pocket!
Ambition: to become the most famous
explorer in the world
Lives: London, UK
Previous jobs: private investigator
Favourite colour: green
Favourite past time: swinging through the
jungle on vines
Favourite animal: leo-pard
Favourite fruit: dragon fruit
Favourite subject in school: PE
Favourite dessert: chocolate cakes
Favourite drink: smoothies
Favourite job: explorer
Favourite day: Saturday
Favourite Muppet: Animal
Favourite dance move: funky chicken
Favourite shape: square
Favourite finger: right index
Favourite potato: King Edward
Favourite fish: lionfish
My Adventure in London takes kids from
Buckingham Palace ton Tower Bridge,
the British Museum and to the National Gallery.

The book encourages youngsters to collect unforgettable mementos of their trip to the UK
capital including blades of grass from the Royal
Parks, a wooden fork from their fish and chips
and photos of them with the famous Trafalgar
Square's lions.

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